Thursday, August 27, 2015

Well...I have now used my 845-16 in two concerts, and I am most happy with my purchase! My first chair alto saxophone player even commented on the difference in the sound just out of the blue. The sound is very clear and focused, the horn has a really nice pop to it, and is comfortable to play. The York was, and is, a great horn, but this one takes less effort to get a better result, especially in the low range. My "west coast" low range, which had all but disappeared for a long time, is well on its way back to normal. Playing is so much fun, I really feel like practicing all the time (I know, right?)-like a good book, it's hard to put down. Thank you for your flexibilty in helping me purchase this tuba. It's a definite advancement for me. You make a terrific product! 7/22/15 Regards, Richard Watson Prof. of Low Brass Valparaiso Univ.