Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back home in Indiana

I am glad to be back home after five shows in six weeks.
I was glad to be in the warm weather of Florida. I enjoyed California except for getting a case of Nammthrax stomach flu. My ears have almost recovered from the room full of tubas in D.C. Texas did not disappoint and it was great to see some old friends. Ohio was like a homecoming for me.

I am truly overcome by the response to the new tubas. I was confident they would be good but the response has been beyond my expectations. I am thrilled by the great players that have taken the time to try them and by the positive comments they have made. I have asked the factory to increase production.

I learned a good deal about the needs of Euphonium players. It appears the I-808 has great acoustics but will need some ergonomic changes to accommodate the majority of players. I am planning a trip to the factories in China at the end of March to oversee the large tuba production and make the necessary tweaks to the Euphonium.

I was also gratified that more players are noticing our excellent French horns and trombones.

The next big show will be PMEA in April.

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